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Terms & Conditions


Resident shall not make or allow any excessive noise in the unit nor permit any actions which will interfere with the rights comforts or conveniences of other persons.

Resident shall refrain from playing musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, and other entertainment items at a volume which will disturb other personnel

Resident shall refrain, and shall ensure that Resident’s guests likewise refrain, from activities and conduct outside of the unit (in common areas, parking areas or on the street near buildings which are likely to annoy or disturb other persons.

Resident shall refrain from calling or conversing with other persons from his / her apartment down to the street or parking.


SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in the apartment unit. Residents will be responsible for permanent odors caused by cooking, smoking, or pets.

Resident shall ensure that papers, cigarette butts and trash are placed in appropriate receptacles so that litter is not created on or about Resident’s unit.

Resident shall ensure that trash and other materials are not permitted to accumulate so as to cause a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety ordinance or regulation.

Resident shall ensure that garbage is not permitted to accumulate and that it is placed in the trash containers provided for that purpose on a regular basis.  Resident shall ensure that large boxes are broken apart and placed separately in designated recycling containers located in the garbage room area. Resident shall ensure that newspapers and plastic containers shall be compacted and also place in designated recycling containers located in the garbage room. At no time should recyclable trash be place in garbage shoot.

Residents are prohibited from leaving large appliances or furniture in the garage area or on the street. Residents are responsible for hauling large items and furniture to the dump.

Resident shall refrain from shaking or hanging clothing, curtains, rugs, and other coverings and clothes outside of any window, ledge, or balcony.

Patio or Balcony areas must be kept clean and free of all items except for approved patio furniture and plants.

Residents shall refrain from placing any items or signs in or on their windows, front doors or hallways. (ie. Trophies, beer signs, etc.)

Resident shall refrain from disposing of any combustible or hazardous material in trash containers, recycle containers, or garbage shoots.


Resident shall advise Owner of any items requiring repair, such as dripping faucets or light switches. Resident shall make repair requests as soon after the defect is noted as is practical.

Resident shall refrain from making any alterations or improvements to the unit without the consent of Owner.

Resident shall refrain from using adhesives, glue or tape to affix pictures or decorations.


Resident shall only use assigned parking spaces and shall ensure that guests park only in unassigned areas or designated guest parking areas. Resident shall ensure that posted and designated fire zones or “No Parking” areas remain clear of vehicles at all times. Resident shall refrain from parking in unauthorized areas or in another resident’s designated parking space. (Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or in another resident’s space may be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense.)

Residents, who park in carports or on street parking, park their vehicles at their own risk. GOOD LIFE SUITES or Property Manager are not responsible for any damages to resident’s vehicles due to theft or vandalism.

Residents are prohibited from making any auto repairs in carports or around building premises.  This includes street parking area in or around building premises.

 There is to be no guest parking on the premises. All guests must park on the street. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

 Resident’s vehicle(s) must fit within the designated parking space. Vehicles that block, hinder or prohibit the use of the parking area by other residents are not allowed.


Resident is responsible for all keys to the apartment building and apartment unit.  $100 lock out fee. If resident is locked out of his or her apartment unit or has had their keys lost or stolen, resident will be responsible for calling a locksmith to gain. Entry or replace the lock. The resident is responsible for all costs and must provide HOME REALTY INVESTMENTS WITH COPY OF NEW KEY(S.)


Residents are required to break down all cardboard boxes and put in proper recycling containers.Residents are required to separate recycled materials including glass, plastic and aluminum and place in proper Storage containers.

Upon MOVE OUT, tenants are required to dispose of any house hold items, trash, garbage at their own costAnd will be charged a hauling fee if items takes up the garbage or recycled containers.